How to sign in to your Microsoft account 2020



Microsoft account:- Microsoft is a huge company, and its accounts are used at multiple platforms, You can simply sign-in on your microsoft account at to avail many of its Services, other than that you can also log-in with your Microsoft account at many other places such as :-


Places where you can log-in with your Microsoft account :-

  • At Xbox portal, for Premium Gaming experience.
  • At to keep a check on your mails.
  • At to work on with Office Documents, Ppt, sheet and Other Documents.
  • And more.

To Sign-in Your Microsoft account on The Microsoft Website :-

To buy or purchase any service, or get any support on Microsoft, you can simply go to their website and follow these steps to sign-in –


  1. Firstly open your web browser, be it Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or Mozilla firefox.
  2. Now on the search bar type in – and look for the top right section there will be a sign-in option.
  3. Click on the sign-in option and then enter your Email Address or phone number or even skype Credentials to log-in onto your account here, And make sure if you do not have a account you can always create one, just simply create a new account as you select that option.
  4. Now enter your password that you have kept, do not worry the password will be encrypted and nobody can see it, Make sure if you forget the password then you don’t have to worry, as you can simply just click on forgot password and move on with it.
  5. Now next-up hit the sign-in button, if you have logged in from a personal computer then you can also choose the remember me option and then use it to stay logged in always.
  6. And if you want to log- in on XBox or Office just Open and respectively and follow the steps above to sign-in with your account.


FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions ) On Microsoft account And how to Sign- in :-

Q1. What if I forget my Password ?

Ans- Well it is pretty common, so don’t worry about it. As many people forget their password because recently people are having loads of Mail accounts and thus if you forget one, You can then access your account by clicking on the Forgot the password button, then the recovery email that you chose while creating the account will receive a code, go to your recovery E-mail and enter the recovery code and you will be able to change the password to a new one, And that is how you retrieve back your account.
And if you do not have a recovery email account then you will get a code on your registered mobile number.

Q2. What happens if i click on Keep me signed in button?

Ans- The Keep me signed in button keeps you logged in on the device that you just logged-in onto, and even if you shut down the Computer or re-boot it, the Account will be saved on your google browser or The browser that you use, and whenever you come to the website it will be logged in.
We suggest this on Friendly and Personal computers and not on Public computers for Privacy options.