Rules Of Survival Game – The Amazing Battle Royale


Rules Of Survival Game

Rules Of Survival Game:- Battle Royale games are very very famous these days, Be it Free fire, Pub- G, Fortnite, or even Apex Legends, Battle Royale games are very famous these days, But today we have An even more amazing battle royale game to talk about which is available on all 3 platforms and that are Steam For PC, Android and also ios and the name of this generous game is Rules Of Survival Game.

Rules Of Survival Game

What Basically is Rules Of Survival Game?

Rules Of Survival Game, is A Free to play game , That is a multiplayer online battle Royale, This game is known as one of the most downloaded Battle Royale game in over 61 Countries and this game was initially Developed and published by Netease games And the game was released in November 2017 And with in just 1 year the game had reached over 250 Million active downloads.

The Great fact is that this game offers Amazing 8X8 KM terrain maps and thus About 300 people can easily join and play onto that and The fact of battle royale games is that only one last man standing remains the champion.

This game also has loads of amazing features so let’s have a talk about them:-

Features of the Amazing Rules Of Survival Game:-

  • Big And amazing High Definition Map:- In the Rules Of Survival Game, The game offers an amazing 8 square kilometre map in which people can easily fit in and enjoy the high definition graphics and depth of it.
  • Solo as well as team modes:- You can either join the battle as an individual player or just join as a Team of 4 players.
  • Battle out from 120 players:- You can battle out from 120 players to be the last person or team standing to win the game.
  • A lot of firearms and equipment:- This game hosts a wide variety or fire arms be it guns, grenades, Armor etc.
  • Drive various types of different Vehicles:- There are various vehicles as well that one can use to move around in the terrain maps.
  • And a lot much more:- And bunch of other features as well are there in this amazing game.

Basic Information about Rules Of Survival Game:-

Basic Information Survival Game

  • Date of release of the game:- 15 November 2017
  • Mode of the game:- Multiplayer Game
  • Genre of the game:- Battle Royale game.
  • Developers of the game:- NetEase Games.
  • Platforms to be played on:-Android, Microsoft Windows, iOS, Macintosh operating systems
  • Publishers of the game:- NetEase.Inc.


If you are tired of playing other Battle Roy ale games that people are crazy to play, then trying this game is a good option as this game is quite different from other games, The graphics of Rules of survival are quite amazing and being open source this game is free to play for all the users, so that’s another perk to it, and other than most battle royals hosting a 100 people game this game offers a 120 fighter map and with 8 Km sq big maps thus enhancing the players and game’s in depth experience for all the players.