Environmental Policy


As part of our environmental policy and aims, Marmalade recognises its responsibility to provide healthy and sustainable food to its customers. We will work to incorporate environmental, ethical and social considerations into the products and services provided. We recognise that it is our responsibility to encourage our suppliers and contractors to minimise negative environmental, ethical and social effects associated with the products and services they provide.

We aim to increase sustainable food offerings in our catering outlets and hospitality menus and communicate to customers, staff and suppliers our commitment to serving sustainable food.

We want to carry out sufficient monitoring of our sustainability targets and review our aims annually and use fair trade products where possible.

To help meet our aims we will develop performance indicators and evaluation criteria and use them to measure our progress.
We will work with our suppliers to progress the sustainability agenda, along with the knowledge to enhance staff, customer and supplier awareness. Our aims are to work with third party organizations such as Sustain’s “Good food on a public plate” and the Soil Associations’ “Food for life” catering mark.

We commit to:
• Use demonstrably sustainable fish wherever possible. If this is not possible for certain species then alternative menu items will be sought.
• Offer seasonal produce where possible and monitor the use of non-seasonal produce.
• Communicate clearly when seasonal produce is being served.
• Only use free range eggs.
• Support environmentally friendly farming, food / drink production and transportation.
• Communicate clearly what menu offerings are available and work towards increasing menu range where appropriate.
• Use meat and dairy that is produced according to high animal welfare standards. .
• Aim to eliminate the use of any fish species that are assessed as at risk by the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) and increase the amount of fish on the menu which is certified by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC).
• We avoid purchasing from vessels engaged in fishing methods considered to be damaging to the seabed and environment.

At Marmalade, our goal is to provide our clients with the highest quality eco-friendly packaging and food service disposables available in the market today. Presently, we can meet this goal by offering the world’s best biopolymer and plant based packaging technologies from countries all over the world to our clients.

In an effort to decrease landfill, carbon emissions associated with the manufacture of the disposable products we use and to reduce the overall environmental impact, we offer 100% compostable and biodegradable disposable products.

Our Bioproducts, including food containers, bags, disposable cutlery, cups and wrapping when used, can now be manufactured from 100% compostable and biodegradable materials. These products use less energy to make than many of their traditional alternatives, they break down in months not centuries and are HACCP and regulatory compliant