Dark Mode is Coming to The Google Docs How to Turn It on



The Google Docs:- If you ever have faced a problem in organizing your Documents be it Doc.x or pdfs or any other sort of documents then worry not as we are here with the best Solution for this and the Solution for Organizing and viewing these documents is The Google Docs Application/Web version, So without any further ado let us learn more about it.

The The Google Docs, All that one needs to know :-

The Google Docs Brought to us by Google LLC is a free software that is web based office suite and which is offered to us by Google and that too within the Google drive and its services. The service that Google Docs provides includes Google slides, Google Sheets, Spreadsheet And other Ppt modes etc. The google Doc is available for multiple platforms be it The Web app, For mobiles be it android or ios, even blackberry or windows And on Desktop people can use it on The Google Chrome, This app works well with the microsoft office.

It easily allows users to do loads of things be it Editing, Organizing or creating a slide or sheet, It is very convenient and easy to use and people can have real time edits here and other people can also view them and make their own edits upon gathering access to a doc or sheet, This app and platform is highly useful for people who are working at companies and for Job works and even for College based work this app is surely a good companion.

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How to Actually Turn the Dark Mode on in The Google Docs :-

So if you spend a lot of time on google docs and sheets then we have an amazingly good news for you and that is There is a dark theme that has recently been toggled in this application to take care of your eyes and so that your work never stops and you can follow on with the work in peace as well.

So now we will tell you how to toggle thru the Dark mode theme and then how to switch back to normal as well, just so that you can change and see back how the document is looking.

Turning the Dark mode on Manually :-


Make sure that your Google Docs is updated if in app or just simply make sure you have this option, So here’s what you need to do :-

  1. Firstly open your Google docs, either of the following ( sheets, Docs, or Slides) And then click on the menu button that will be on the very top left side corner. This icon has three lines on it.
  2. Now as you see the settings option, you can simply click on it from the list of options that you see.
  3. Now you will see an option that says select theme, then click on it.
  4. Now at last to turn on Dark theme on your Google docs, simply click on Dark theme, though there are Light and manual System mode option as well .